Map of Massachusetts showing STEM Network regions

Regional PreK-16 STEM Networks

To address the need for systemic change, STEM Networks bring together K-12 schools, public and independent higher education, businesses, and regional and community organizations around science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education. In addition to administering regional projects, the STEM Networks regularly communicate information about funding opportunities, events, announcements, and training sessions.

Each Network addresses these STEM goals: 
  • Increase student interest in STEM
  • Increase STEM achievement of PreK-12 students
  • Increase the percentage of students who demonstrate readiness for college-level studies in STEM fields
  • Increase the number of students who graduate from post-secondary institutions with a degree in a STEM field
  • Increase the number/percentage of effective teachers in STEM classes in The STEM Networks
  • Bring together PreK-16 including vocational and technical schools, early education and care, public and independent higher education colleges and universities, businesses, regional organizations, and community organizations across the spectrum to address the need for systemic change in STEM education
  • Identifiy potential best practice programs in each region appropriate to scale up regionally or statewide;
  • Develop new innovative initiatives to meet local needs
  • Secure additional local contributions and funding to expand the number of students, teachers and schools engaged in these expanded program