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Guided tour


Region: Berkshire
Level: Pre-K - 2, Grade 3 - 5, Grade 6 - 8, Grade 9 - 12
Program type: Field Trip;

Description: Guided tour focuses on daily life in a 19th -century Shaker community. Shaker history and life emphasized 19th century versions of what we would now call sustainable agriculture, renewable energies, smart town planning, and green architecture, so it has much relevance for informing our lives and society today. In the 1830 Brick Dwelling, Round Stone Barn, and Laundry/Machine Shop, students learn about the history and culture of the Shakers, and the chores and education of Shaker children, with discussion of what life was like in early American society. Tours tailored to curriculum needs and student’s ages. Skill development, apprenticeships, and work roles are emphasized with teens.

Topics: Agriculture, Animals, Architecture, Botany, Energy, Environmental Sustainability , Land Use

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guided tour is 90 minutes; group can self-guide after the guided tour; allow 1 to 4 hours for self-guiding.

Lesson plans, free pre-visit consultation, teacher training programs.

Fee Information: Admission fee per student; teachers & chaperones admitted free; contact for details