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River Critter Classroom Investigation


Region: Berkshire
Level: Grade 6 - 8
Program type: Classroom or school assembly program; school hours,

Description: Explore the world of the river bottom with a classroom inquiry investigation using live samples of benthic macroinvertebrates. Students make observations, generate questions and answer those questions themselves while learning about the adaptations and use of the organisms present to do a quick assessment of water quality.

Topics: Animals, Water Quality, Watershed

Aligned to content standards (if any):

Additional information (if any): This program can stand alone, or preferably be followed by a field trip to a local stream. Class size should be limited to 30 or less.

1.5 hours is preferable. If less class time is available, modifications can be made to condense the investigation.

Lesson Plan and background information is available. Teachers may also borrow the materials needed to complete this program themselves at no charge.

Fee Information: Please call HVA to discuss program cost.
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