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Our Changing Forests Schoolyard Ecology Summer Institute for Teachers


Region: Berkshire, Boston, Cape Cod, Central MA, MetroNorth , MetroWest, Northeast, Pioneer Valley, Southeast
Level: Grade 6 - 8, Grade 9 - 12
Program type:

Description: Our Changing Forests: How do Forests Grow and Change Over Time?

Is a field-based ecological study designed for students to practice authentic science while learning about their local environments. One teacher called it "Real Science; Real Scientists; Real Issues". Professional Ecologists support teachers in learning the scientific content behind this study, and provide opportunities for teachers to practice setting up a field site and collecting data at our Summer Institute, in the hands of Harvard Forest staff and mentor teachers who have successfully led this project with their students. New teachers then go back and set up field sites in walking distance to their schools. Teachers bring their students outside to collect data using Harvard Forest data sheets, any where from 2-4 times in the fall for this study. Teachers, or students then submit data to Harvard Forest using a simple online database.

Watch The Video. Download at http://harvardforest.fas.harvard.edu/sites/harvardforest.fas.harvard.edu/files/schoolyard/Kermenski.2014.OurChangingForestsStudentVideo.mov

Topics: Atmosphere, Botany, Climate Change, Earth Science, Environmental Sustainability , Forestry, Land Use, Plants

Aligned to content standards (if any):
Grade 7 LS2, Grade 7 LS1, Grade 5 ESS1, Grade 8 ESS1, Grade 8 LS1, Grade 8 LS4, High School ESS2, High School ESS3, High School Biology LS2, High School Chemistry PS1, High School Chemistry PS2, Grade 5 ESS3, Grade 5 LS1

Additional information (if any): Please contact Pamela Snow at psnow@fas.harvard.edu to register for the Summer Institute. Tentative date is August 21, 2014.

The Summer Institute is a two day, 6 hour per session held at Harvard Forests, in Petersham, MA.
Teachers are expected to contribute 5-24 hours of class time/field time between September and October of this year.

The Harvard Forest Schoolyard Coordinator, Project Ecologists and related staff support teachers both at workshops and throughout the schoolyear by phone and email. All project materials are supplied at the Summer Institute. Teachers are invited back to optional November and April workshops to support their successful integration of projects into their curriculum. Extensive lesson plans, graphs, database, etc. are available online to support this project.

Fee Information: $50 fee includes all project materials and teacher notebook.
Optional fall and Spring workshops are free to those who attend Summer Institute.
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