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Preschool Theme of the Month


Level: Pre-K - 2
Program type: Classroom or school assembly program;

Description: To engage your preschoolers, we may incorporate inquiry, manipulatives, storybooks, games, puppets, simple crafts, finger plays, and creative dramatics. Programs start with a general introduction that then narrows on a specific plant or animal.
May 2014 - Eggs & Nests
June 2014 - Butterflies
July 2014 - What Makes a Habitat a Home?
August 2014 - Wild Turkeys
September 2014 - Bouncing Bunnies
October 2014 - Chattering Squirrels
November 2014 - Apples for Animals
December 2014 - Rocks to Pebbles
January 2015 - Insect-eating Bats
February 2015 - Tracks in the Snow
March 2015 - Pond Turtles
April 2015 - Fantastic Frogs
May 2015 - Bird Beak Diner
June 2015 - Ladybugs
July 2015 - Terrific Trees
August 2015 - Opossums
(Topics rotate on a three-year cycle.)

Topics: Animals, Birds, Geology

Aligned to content standards (if any):
PreK LS1, PreK LS2, PreK LS3

Additional information (if any): Class size: maximum 18 students per class. We can do back-to-back classes.

The "Theme of the Month" program is a 30-minute class. You can select which months you are interested in.

Fee Information: Schedule 5-12 months of classes, $50 each class
Schedule 1-4 months during the school year: $60 each class
A surcharge will be applied to sites beyond a 30-minute drive and/or when the break between programs exceeds one hour.