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Sorting it All Out


Region: Southeast
Level: Grade 3 - 5, Grade 6 - 8
Program type: Field Trip;

Description: This program utilizes the museums skeletons, whale artifacts, marine animal models, media and hands-on activities to help students learn about classification. The three main program objectives are: Students will be able to sort animals based on physical characteristics; students will be able to identify marine organisms, many of which are found locally; students will better understand how taxonomists classify organisms.

Topics: Animals, Marine Science, Oceans

Aligned to content standards (if any):
PreK LS2, Grade 3 LS3, Grade 7 ETS3, High School ESS3, High School Biology LS1

Additional information (if any): This program is one of 14 currently offered by the Whaling Museum. For more information, please visit http://www.whalingmuseum.org/learn/school-programs or contact Brian Witkowski at bwitkowski@whalingmuseum.org.

This program typically lasts 90 minutes. We have an extension activity that can turn this into a 120 minute program.

Simple pre-visit activities can be sent to teachers upon request.

Fee Information: $7 per student
1 adult (including teachers) per 10 students receives free admission, as do all one-on-one aides. Each additional adult is $10/adult.
No down payment is required. Payment is due upon arrival in the form of cash, credit card, debit card, or check.
Public Schools from Boston, New Bedford, Dartmouth, Westport, Acushnet, and Fairhaven receive free admission. Boston Public Schools also receive free transportation, courtesy of the Schrafft Charitable Fund.
For more information, contact Brian Witkowski at bwitkowski@whalingmuseum.org or (508) 717-6885.