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Expedition Mars- Simulated Space Flight


Region: Berkshire, Boston, Cape Cod, Central MA, MetroNorth , MetroWest, Northeast, Pioneer Valley, Southeast
Level: Grade 6 - 8
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Description: It is the year 2076. Humans have established a permanent settlement on the Martian moon Phobos. Daily space shuttle travels to the Martian surface carrying scientists and engineers who are exploring the surface in search for signs of ancient life. The discovery of frozen surface water has allowed scientists to break down into hydrogen and oxygen to assist in the creation of liquid fuel. With the possibility of a near asteroid collision, teams will need to remain on high alert and handle any repercussions that come along with an impact.

Topics: Astronomy, Chemistry, Computer and Information Technology, Earth Science, Physics, Robotics

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The Expedition Mars program is two hours long. Full day (9:00-1:30) if planetarium program is added

Teachers are required to attend a mission prep professional development workshop.

Fee Information: $400 - mission only (up to 36 students)
$525 - mission and planetarium program (up to 36 students)