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Global Soundscapes: Mission to Record the Earth


Region: Central MA, MetroWest
Level: Grade 3 - 5, Grade 6 - 8, Grade 9 - 12
Program type: Field Trip;

Description: Companion Program to City Science: The Science You Live Exhibit

Our world is full of sound! Global Soundscapes takes viewers on an ear-opening journey into the science of sound and the emerging field of soundscape ecology. Explore basic acoustics in an educator-led participatory theater experience with incredible slow-motion footage of pulsating musical instruments, vibrating vocal chords, and more. Discover what soundscapes tell us about our planet. With Global Soundscapes’ unique format—combining full dome imagery, surround sound, and live presentation—viewers will hear the Earth in a whole new way! Distributed by Foxfire Interactive.

Topics: Animals, Computer and Information Technology, Physics

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This is a 45 minute live planetarium program offered onsite at the museum (pre-registration required).