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Customized Professional Learning Services


Region: Berkshire, Boston, Cape Cod, Central MA, MetroNorth , MetroWest, Northeast, Pioneer Valley, Southeast
Level: Pre-K - 2, Grade 3 - 5, Grade 6 - 8, Grade 9 - 12
Program type:

Description: We’re here to help schools transition to implementing inquiry-based and phenomena-based STEM instruction. Our interactive, science professional learning programs provide resources for educators to engage the curiosity and wonder of students by bringing hands-on, minds-on curriculum into current teaching situations! These professional learning experiences are tailored to teachers' needs within a school district and are offered both in-person and remotely. Our Customized Professional Learning Services:

- assist with aligning science curriculum with NGSS or state standards

- model the use of the Science and Engineering Practices for instruction and assessment

- apply inquiry-based science instruction strategies

- provide skills to develop phenomena-based units and investigations

- foster teachers’ use of inquiry-based, hands-on instruction and assessment

- include science content as well as pedagogy
support school-based initiatives to strengthen science instruction and assessment

- provide strategies for creating an inclusive and equitable science learning environment

Topics: Education, Educational Methods, Pedagogy, Science and Engineering Practices

Aligned to content standards (if any):
PreK ESS1, PreK ESS2 , PreK ESS3 , Kinder LS1, Kinder PS1, Kinder PS2, Kinder PS3, Grade 1 ESS1, Grade 1 LS1, Grade 1 LS3, Grade 1 PS4, Grades K-2 ETS1, Grade 2 ESS2, Grade 2 LS2, Grade 2 LS4, Grade 2 PS1, Grade 2 PS3, Grade 3 ESS2, Grade 3 ESS3, Grade 6 PS1, Grade 6 PS2, Grade 6 PS4, Grade 7 LS2, Grade 6 ETS1, Grade 6 ETS2, Grade 7 ESS2, Grade 7 ESS3, Grade 7 LS1, Grade 7 PS2 , Grade 7 PS3, Grade 7 ETS1, Kinder ESS2, Grade 3 LS1, Grade 3 LS4, PreK LS1, PreK LS2, PreK LS3, Grade 3 LS3, Grade 3 PS2, Grades 3-5 ETS1, Grade 4 ESS1, Grade 4 ESS2, Grade 4 ESS3, Grade 4 LS1, Grade 4 PS3, Grade 4 PS4, Grade 5 ESS1, Grade 7 ETS3, Grade 8 ESS1, Grade 8 ESS2, Grade 8 ESS3, Grade 8 LS1, Grade 8 LS3, Grade 8 LS4, Grade 8 PS1, Grade 8 PS2, Grade 8 ETS2, High School ESS1, High School ESS2, High School ESS3, High School Biology LS1 , High School Biology LS2, High School Biology LS3, High School Chemistry PS1, High School Chemistry PS2, PreK PS1, PreK PS2, PreK PS4, Grade 5 ESS2, Grade 5 ESS3, Grade 5 LS1, Grade 5 LS2, Grade 5 PS1, Grade 5 PS2, Grade 5 PS3 , Grades 3-5 ETS3, Grade 6 ESS1, Grade 6 ESS2, Grade 6 LS1, Grade 6 LS4, High School Intro. Physics PS3, High School Intro. Physics PS4, High School ETS1, High School ETS3, High School ETS2, High School ETS4 , High School Intro. Physics PS1, High School Intro. Physics PS2, High School Chemistry PS3, Kinder ESS3

Additional information (if any): Contact us to learn more!

*The Wade Institute for Science Education is an approved Massachusetts DESE PDP provider.