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Curriculum Support


Region: Berkshire, Boston, Cape Cod, Central MA, MetroNorth , MetroWest, Northeast, Pioneer Valley, Southeast
Level: Pre-K - 2, Grade 3 - 5
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Description: Are there areas of your curriculum that your text or online resource doesn't address adequately? SEED can custom design lessons that directly address a specific science standard or series of standards. We can also custom design lessons in any discipline to match a theme that your grade is working with (fairy tales, animals, etc).

Topics: Animals, Astronomy, Atmosphere, Biomimicry, Birds, Botany, Chemistry, Climate Change, Coding, Earth Science, Educational Methods, Energy, Engineering, Forces, Genetics, Human Biology, Life Science, Marine Science, Matter, Microbiome, Oceans, Pedagogy, Physical Science, Physics, Plants, Science and Engineering Practices, Space Science, Waves

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We provide full lesson plans, slides, support materials, and physical materials so that the school can develop internal capacity to deliver the same quality hands-on lessons in the future.

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