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Customizeable Planetarium Programs


Region: Berkshire, Boston, Central MA, MetroWest, Northeast, Pioneer Valley
Level: Pre-K - 2, Grade 3 - 5, Grade 9 - 12
Program type: Classroom or school assembly program; Field Trip; school hours,

Description: Our 30' digital planetarium facility is a state-of-the-art STEM multimedia classroom built around the Spitz SciDome XD high definition projection system. Start by exploring Earth, with its vast oceans that make life possible. One by one, we fly by the other planets and moons, accompanied by full descriptions of their characteristics, such as atmosphere, temperature, and composition.

Our feature presentation is followed by an interactive tour of the night sky. Highlights include seasonal constellations, visits to other planets, and some in-depth Q&A with the instructor.

Topics: Astronomy, Earth Science

Aligned to content standards (if any):

Additional information (if any):

The planetarium program runs approximately 70 minutes, depending on the length of the Q&A session.

Accompanying lesson plans and curricular materials available for educators.

Fee Information: $200 per presentation. One presentation can accommodate up to 44 students. For details, please contact Evan Pagliuca at 508.626.4055 or epagliuca@framingham.edu.
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Inside the brand new planetarium at the Christa McAuliffe Center